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Vivacious by nature, I'm either baking or thinking up my next love scenes--talk about mixing ingredients. Trust me, the recipes are always delicious, especially if chocolate's involved. I love a good night out on the town where I can discard the mom profile and dance to my heart's content.

Writing has always been my passion. I strongly believe in soulmates and feel eternally lucky that I snatched up mine. The wilder side of me comes out in my erotic writings, where I fuse lustful fantasy with the paranormal edge. I thoroughly enjoy making up worlds, hunky men who cause me to go weak in the knees and intelligent women who can also let their hair down.

My erotic novels are published with Ellora's Cave, HQN Spice Briefs and I'm also and Indie author. My first Indie book, Rapture, received an EPPIE Award for Best Paranormal/Fantasy Romance for an e-book.

I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and have the best view of the Atlantic Ocean. Halifax is my exotic! I am a member of Romance Writers of America, my local Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada, and the Nova Scotia Writer's Federation. 

Books By This Author

“I really liked this book. It's an epic fantasy, but it carries a strong erotic punch. Cael is a tortured hero - a sexy fairy who has been cursed to roam the human world forever, banned from his home and his people for no better reason than his queen's selfish whim. He's reached the point where he would do anything to die, since returning will never be an option, when he stumbles across Tara, a virgin half-fairy. He recognizes her, not on for what she is but who she is, a woman who could save both worlds, and him. You don't often see good erotic romance this long, but this book kept my interest up. Cael is no tiny winged fairy, he's a full size, passionate creature that really comes across clearly in this story. The plot is too long to go into here, but I enjoyed the twists. I hope there is a book 2”

Nancy Cassidy - Kindle reviewer on Kissed

“I enjoyed this little novella, it's a quick, hot read that kept me flipping the pages. A story about a god who's feeling his years, even if he doesn't show them. Poseidon doesn't go looking for love but his body knows what his mind doesn't - he needs contact, something we all relate too, especially his new human lover. A scientist, Soki should keep her mind on the clinical puzzle over what happened to her after her brush with death, but who can think when the most perfect male specimen in the world is right there, ready and willing to teach her everything her geeky previous lovers didn't? Very yummy - another great bit of escapism by Renee Fields.”

Nancy Cassidy - Kindle reviewer on Claiming Poseidon's Heart

“Using Greek mythology with a humorous, modern twist as a backdrop helps make this a quick, sensuous read and I was sad to see the story end. Rourk was hotness personified and he can definitely make me wet ( water wet, ya he claims me as his bride and takes me back to the sea. what were YOU thinking, you naughty scamp????) Can't wait to read more from the divine Ms. Field!”

icekitty - Kindle reviewer on Claiming the Temptress

“Wow, I really liked this hot novella! Lily is a siren - Poseidon's daughter - who runs away from an arranged marriage, and hides in the human world. What she doesn't realize is that her intended, Rourk, isn't the pathetic old man she imagines. He is fantastic. She imagines that she can have one night of pleasure and finds it in his arms. The intimacy and the heat between these two blew me away. Rourk has to be the sexiest merman I've read! I won't give away the ending, but it made me smile. Great story! - 5 stars”

Kindle reviewer on Claiming the Temptress

“Beautifully written and sensually inviting, Rapture will seduce it's readers with its mythical tale of merfolk enchanting the reader from start to finish. From the moment you meet Seth and Jamie you quickly embrace the tenacity that these two people share and Ms. Fields did an impressive job of infusing charisma and charm into these characters. - 5 stars”

Night Owl Reviews on Rapture

“This is a short read at a little over 600 locations, but it is just right when you want something light and fun and sexy. Sometimes when you're between longer books, it's nice to have a story like this. I found myself smiling while reading it, enjoying the flirty teasing and playful sex between Krista and Vance.”

S. Richards - Kindle reviewer on Electrify Me

“I loved this story. Wish there was more to it. I WANT MORE! Very well written. I will look up the author!”

Cat - Kindle reviewer on Be My Vampire Tonight

“The dynamic among the three, the sexual intensity, and the overall story arc of the continuation of the dragons' way of life is a delightful escape and a steamy read.”

Shawna - Kindle reviewer on Beastly Passion

“Love Me Wild has mythological creatures, enemy conflict, and basic survival of the fittest confrontation. I vote for a centaur market on every corner, not a Sentry Market. It sounds like so much more fun. - Rating 5”

Night Owl Romance on Love Me Wild

“I read A Siren's Wish several weeks ago now, but it is a story that stayed with me long after I put the book down. Though short, it packs a huge emotional punch with the combination of magic and the real world aka a hero with stage 3 cancer. The stakes were so high for Sasha and Chase I wasn't sure how Ms. Field would resolve this story, but I wasn't disappointed. Add in the high level of sensuality and I was hooked. I will be reading more from this author.”

Jennifer Lynne - Kindle reviewer on A Siren's Wish

“I love this one to. I glad I bought this one also. Nice job.wooooooowwwwwwwwww. they one hot couple the werecat so hottttttttt..... I was shaking in my seat the whole time about him controlling her. I love that in a man just like my husband”

Aricalovetoread - Kindle reviewer on Be My Werecat Tonight

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