Lilly Cain


Lilly Cain is a wild woman with a deep throaty laugh, plunging necklines and a great lover of all things sensual - perfume, chocolate, silk! She never has to worry about finding a date or keeping a man in line. She keeps her blond hair long and curly, wears beautiful clothes and loves loud music. Lilly lives her private life in the pages of her books.

Lilly lives in Atlantic Canada, although she spent eight years in Bermuda, enjoying the heat and the pink sands. She returned to her homeland so she could see the changing of the seasons once again. When not writing she paints, swills coffee and vodka (but not together), and fights her writing pals for chocolate.

When not living up to her pen name, Lilly is a single mom who loves reading and writing, dabbling in art and loving and caring for her two daughters. She loves romance and the freedom erotic fantasy provides her imagination. She loves the chilling moments in her novels as much as the steaming hot interludes. Her stories are an escape and a release, and she hopes that they can give you that power, too.

Books By This Author

“A fun, quick and titillating read. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Cain's work. RECOMMENDATIONS: A very fantastical tale, paranormal romance fans should enjoy. Adults only of course. ”

Rachel Rivera VINE Voice on Building Magic

“A fun read, naughty with a good mix of suspense and horror. If I had a grouch it was with the curt, too neat, HEA ending, but a story has to end, at least in books.”

Emily E. Gallup - Kindle reviewer on Dark Harmony

“I came across this while looking over available books on NetGalley and thought it looked like a good read. I'm glad I read it. The hubs is definitely glad I read it lol. I was surprised at how well-developed the story and characters were for such a short erotica eBook. I found myself really caring about what happened to Alinna and wanting to know more about her race. This is definitely a Rated R book! Includes some bonding, but not BDSM”

Tara S. Gill - Kindle reviewer on Alien Revealed

“If you take your sci-fi with a bit of hot romance, then this is for you. This is the second novella in the Confederacy Series by Cain and you don't have to read the first one first (Alien Revealed) but I'd recommend it. What's so great about this installment isn't just the Confederacy plot or the romance but the depth of emotion Cain is able to bring to the characters through their form of communication. Lots of empathy for each other which really made me care about them.”

Donna Alward on The Naked Truth

“I really loved this story. I found myself smiling the whole way through it. Barrett was such a sexy hero that I instantly fell for him, and poor Sarah, with all her spells going wrong...or maybe right. The writing was great and the sex scenes were hot! I can tell Ms. Cain had fun writing it.”

Cathryn Fox - author on Working on Wicked

“Return to me is a sexy, arousing treat. It's a quick read but hits all the right marks and you'll fall in love, and root for, both Cael and Anna. This is a perfect book for when you're short on time (which I always am!) and need a quick sensual, entertaining read. Lilly Cain has a winner with Return to Me”

Cathryn Fox - author on Return To Me

“I love the fact that there are so many books in the series and you really get to sample so many authors...all in all I love them just for the sheer amount of variety in each one”

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