Lynne Connolly


Lynne Connolly writes historical romance, paranormal romance and contemporary romance. She loves the conflicts and complications that come about if someone lives their life to the full.

She has her own blog, but she also blogs for The Good, The Bad and The Unread, the UK Regency/Georgian writers' blog and The Raven Happy Hour.

She lives in the UK with her family and her mews, a cat called Jack. She also enjoys making and decorating dolls' houses. She visits the US at least once a year, attends conferences and has a great time.

Books By This Author

“I just finished reading this and I can tell you I really enjoyed it. I really can't find anything to complain about. The whole story just flows and takes you along for the ride. It may have been a short and hot read but I feel like I just read a full length novel. I love stories that take place in the South. The settings described in these stories are always beautiful. I loved hearing about the house and the grounds described. Sadly I actually have never visited the South except trips to Disney when I was a child.”

BookAngelRV on Born on the Bayou

“I really love John who doesn’t mince words and isn’t all starry eyed by Edie’s celebrity status. He treats her like a desirable woman – in and out of the bedroom and that’s just unbelievably hot especially once he systematically goes about convincing her of each and every body part she shouldn’t subject to surgery. - 4.5 stars”

“Lovers of regency romances with a touch of eroticism will adore this book!”

Fallen Angel Reviews on Noblesse Oblige

“The storyline was sometimes playful and others deadly serious. This rollercoaster of events and emotions can pique the interest of any reader. Additionally, while this was a modern day setting I had a bit of a vintage feeling to me as well. Maybe it was Zara's fascination with vintage clothing, or Charles' need to maintain his family's historical views, but I could have easily have seen this story set in 1812 and easily as current day. This ability to bridge timelines really made the story even more entertaining. While many other stories I feel almost anyone can enjoy this story is truly one of those stories that everyone will find endearing and I would truly say if you enjoy romance novels you will definitely enjoy this story.”

LAS Reviewer on Unlaced

“The rock is just as hard and the passion just as high when Ryan and Gina get together. It was no easy feat for Gina and Ryan to agree to work together with Maria's death between them. I was easily drawn into their story and passion, which was immediate - even when they didn't necessarily want it to be.”

M. Nix - Kindle reviewer on Icefire

“Lynne Connolly is a new author for me and I will certainly be looking for more of her work. The characters are all interesting and add to the plot, which moves along quickly and holds your interest with romance, humour and intrigue. - 5 stars”

LaylaReader - Kindle reviewer on Noblesse Oblige

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