Mackenzie McKade


Born and raised in Arizona, I guess you’d call me a desert rat. Well, actually, I’d be a desert rat that loves the mountains and lakes. Arizona gives me great pleasure, because if I’m not at the computer writing or buried nose deep in a book you’ll find me on a four-wheeler, or a jet ski, or being pulled behind my 26’ Monterey boat on an oblong tube called a ‘hot dog’ laughing my ass off. In fact, my family says I have an unnerving cackle cutting through the waves–similar to a witch!

Yes, that’s right this witch has a family… Bill is my wonderful husband of twenty-two years. Tia, Samantha and Ashley are my three beautiful girls and my greatest accomplishments to date. And the light of my life are three devilishly handsome grandsons, who keep me active chasing them.

As writing is a passion with many—it’s an obsession with me. Who knew that the wild things going on in my head someone would actually read? But I’m thankful you do and I hope you find joy and entertainment in my sometimes—okay most of the time—risqué ramblings.

Books By This Author

“This book was so worth staying up until about 3 AM to get. From the first page I was hooked. This author knows how to create a scene that you can picture yourself. You could feel the chemistry between Sean and Sydney and it was only a matter of time before they got together. I could say that everything was fast paced, but the author makes in known that they've been in love with each other for a while. I think it goes to show you that love can bloom in any situation. - 5 stars”

Tiffany K - Kindle reviewer on Irresistible

“You have to read this book to find out how they hurdled all of the obstacules in oder to find true love. Also read all the ways Dolan and Rowdy made Tracy crazy with want. I could not put this book down I read it in one day.”

bookie - Kindle reviewer on Take Me Again

“These are two characters to cheer for with so many twists and surprises your head will spin with glee. I found it to be a happy read and most definitely a hot read. This one works for cowboy lovers and non-cowboy lovers alike. Enjoy! - 5 Big Yee Haws”

Michelle - The Romance Reviews Top Pick on A Tall, Dark Cowboy

“This book is a really easy, fun loving great read. It didn't take long to become completely submerged in the story and become part of the community following the events of the budding romance of Reece and Tabatha come to its fruition. An ideal summer, beach day read. Sun, Sand and just a little bit of sex.”

Shawna - Kindle reviewer on Bold

“Bound by the Past is the second in the Ties That Bind series, but can be read as a stand alone. There is a brief mention of the hero and heroine of the first book, Bound for the Holidays, but having not read that book (yet), I don't feel I missed anything for this particular tale. I dearly hope Ms. McKade continues this series with books for Clancy and Wade's siblings. At turns tender and titillating, Bound by the Past is a book I Joyfully Recommend. Ms. McKade delivers a fantastic, blazingly hot tale with characters that will capture your heart and a romance that is truly sigh worthy.”

M. Nix - Kindle reviewer on Bound by the Past

“Jake and Allie make such a terrific pair! He has loved her most of his life, and has been waiting for her to come back to him. Allie is a strong woman, but has been pushed beyond her limits, and welcomes Jake's help. Their friendship is evident, and seeing the relationship evolve is heartwarming. Plenty of very sexy and erotic scenes throughout this story. Characters are well developed, and cleverly written.”

Kelly - Kindle reviewer on Lost But Not Forgotten

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