Alice Gaines


Alice Gaines writes hot!  Published in erotic romance since the very beginning, Alice has written for Red Sage, Changeling, Avon Impulse, Harlequin Spice Briefs, Carina Press, and Everything Erotic.

Alice lives in the San Francisco Bay Area in a fixer-upper she never fixed up.  She shares her space with a stray cat and her darling corn snake, Casper.  She loves vegetable gardening, the San Francisco 49ers, and America's Test Kitchen.  She's a fanatical fan of Oakland soul band, Tower of Power.

Books By This Author

“I really enjoyed the three main characters of this erotic novella. I thought their personalities and desires complemented each other well. Wolf and John's competitiveness was also a great bonus. What woman would not want two sexy men that she desires competing for her affections?”

The Jeep Diva on Storm Bound

“A short, delectable novella with a somewhat tortured hero and a heroine who proves the third time round in marriage is indeed lucky for a duke in search of a passionate wife.”

Lulu Burroughs on The Devilish Duke

“Well sometimes folks great things come in small packages and this is one of them. A short read but nonetheless packed with lots of details, great character development, and of course your HEA. You will love the Billionaire British-German Dominate, meets up with the nurdy smarty pants and sparks fly. I love a man that can cook and I mean really cook in the kitchen and the bedroom, and the shower, etc. This is a hot read with a little kink that turns out to be just perfect.”

Michelle Bowman - Kindle Reviewer on Whatever He Requires

“I enjoyed the development of Eve's and Philip's relationship. It wasn't instant lust or love at first sight. Philip is defiantly intrigued at this imposter, finding it hilarious to watch all the stupid cads fall over themselves for her not even realizing that she isn't who she claims to be. He has fun teasing her and getting to know her. Eve thinks he is handsome, but is more alarmed that he's calling her on the carpet about her homeland. What starts out as a game for Philip turns more complicated the more he involves Eve in his schemes. I loved watching the two put on façades for the world and how the masks would dissolve when it was just the two of them.”

akb-bookworm on Always A Princess

“Loved the ebook and will watch for more from this Seller. I am just getting started with ebooks on a tablet and it is great to order a book and then to receive it right away”

benben - Kindle reviewer on Brief Encounter

“The book delivers in spades. Excellent writing and editing. Lively dialogue. Good pacing. And OMG, blow your socks off sensuous love scenes! Granted, they're not as explicit as many contemporary erotica pieces but they were both over the top tasteful and well done. My hat is off to Alice Gaines. I loved every word and I'll definitely read whatever she write next.”

Kindle Reviewer on Captain and Countess

“If you are looking for a quick read that is delightfully naughty and just a little bit on the wild side, then you are going to love Storm Bound. Alice Gaines' Cabin Fever novellas provide a wonderful escape from every day life. ”

Delightfully Naughty on Storm Bound

“Ethan and Laura's past makes seeing each other again awkward. At least for Laura. Ethan just has regrets about the night they almost shared. Laura could have a sinfully sexy lover and a loving relationship if she only accepted what Ethan was offering. Her insecurities keep her from jumping at the chance to have something more meaningful than a weekend with Ethan. But Ethan's determined to prove to her that that they can have it all: hot sex and a happily ever after. Heat Rises is a sizzling erotic romance and a perfect beginning to a sexy new series. - 5 stars”

Joyfully Reviewed on Heat Rises

“A beautifully woven story by an author I consider one of my new favorite authors of 2010! This story captures you from the very beginning and drags you into the author's world. You are no longer a reader, but a character on the sidelines viewing what is going on. The details in every scene are so descriptive you can smell the scents and taste the flavors. - 5 stars”

LAS Reviewer on My Lady's Pleasure

“If you are looking for a fast read that is deliciously naughty, then you will love Mating Season. A wonderful installment in Alice Gaines' delightfully steamy Cabin Fever series that I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend.”

K. Branfield on Mating Season

“MISS FOSTER'S FOLLY by Alice Gaines is a historical romance set in 1886 Manhattan Island, New York and London.What a passionate delightful full of adventure and romace story. It is well written. The plot is interesting and flows easily. The characters are engaging. It has passion, wit, love, romance, sensuality, lust, trust issues, letting go of past disappointments, and learning to truly love”

April A. Renn - Kindle reviewer on Miss Foster's Folly

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