J.C. Wells


​"If we spend one minute in your head, we will be admitted into a mental institution with all the stories you have going on up there! How does your mind work?!" - Wells Family

JC Wells grew up in southern California with two loving parents who definitely knew how to lay down the law in the house if homework wasn't finished, including 100 pages of reading...a night. Using the talents she gained from years of schooling, she has grown into a writer that spans across different genres. Recently, JC has been accepted for a Masters Program in Creative Writing at Fairfield University, where she will be expanding her talents even further. Aside from the student side of her, she is an advocate for LGBTQ rights and LOVES the paranormal community. If she can get away from writing, JC loves to watch a good ghost story on TV, partake in séance's with her aunt so she could chat with her late father, or lose herself in the throws of Zumba. And if that weren't enough, she loves to be under the creative talents of a tattoo needle, using body art as personal story she wants to tell.​

Her dreams span across the globe. She dreams of becoming a famous published author, as well as a highly sought out publishing agent. JC hopes that you'll take a chance on the stories she has to offer.

​JC also writes paranormal romance books as Jacqueline Croft on Amazon, her Domina Noctis series available.

Books By This Author

“The Matik Masters are just that Masters. With only two stories out, JC Wells has created some of the best wolves I've read. I'm chomping at the bit waiting for more!”

“I have a thing for M/M stories and JC Wells delivered a great story with Rayce. I can't wait for the rest of the Matik Masters. ”

“This is a very short novella and I mean very short. Although my first read by JC Wells I thought she did a good job getting the necessary information into this first book of this series. To end the war between the Matik and Belarus packs the Pack Master of the Matik pack proposes a mating of the two packs. The Matik pack was known for same sex matings so it was no surprise when the Belarus Pack Master agreed and offered his heir, La'el as the mate to Rayce the upcoming Pack Master of the Matik pack. La'el was not thrilled about this he was meant to be with women to have a wife and children not be mated to a male especially one that was as dominate and ruthless as Rayce was said to be. Rayce could not have been more thrilled to have had La'el he was beautiful and submissive yet had a fire to him that excited him more than he had been in a long time he didn't care if La'el liked it or not. If he refused then the war would continue and no one wanted that. This was a fast coming together and mainly centered on the mating between Rayce and La'el. Rayce has hundreds of years of experience with males and La'el preferring women however didn't take long for Rayce to convince La'el that it was okay to enjoy his mate's body. It was hot, raw and passionate and written in great tingling detail!! Ms. Wells definitely knows how to write a m/m sex scene that you want to read over and over! This was a joining of two packs for peace but for Rayce it was already much more. Hopefully in the future we can see how Rayce and La'el have developed because there is so much potential for them that just left you wanting more for their story.”

“I started this book and realized two things fast,I loved this book and there were questions unanswered, so now I eagerly await the next installment of The Matik Masters. The heat and scenes created left me wanting and breathless one hot romp!”

“I have to admit I have a soft spot for M/M and this was well worth reading. I enjoyed this fast, hot romp and I look forward to reading more of this series in the future. Hopefully catching up with Rayce and his mate again soon! I gladly recommend to anyone looking for a quick but fulfilling read! This story left me hot and wanting more! Superb! ”

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