J. Rose Allister


When I dove into writing fiction, I never dreamed I'd become a romance and erotica author. My muse guided me to that path none too gently--with a whip and a chair!

I currently have over twenty novels in publication under three different pen names, and I currently write for Ellora's Cave and Siren as well as releasing independent work. When I'm not busy writing, I homeschool my daughter, work full time, and help my husband, author Michael Jade, in collaborating and editing his erotica short stories. I love movies, gardening, cooking, and reading--though finding the time for any of them is a constant challenge!

Books By This Author

“If you like m/m erotica, this book will be a perfect addition to your collection. The characters are well put together and the the chemistry between them electric. When Daniel saves Vincent, he wants to stay with his mate. He is afraid of the other firefighters finding out about his true self and leaves. Vincent will have none of that. The story development and tension are wonderful and the shifter action is good too. A great m/m shifter story, even if I don't normally read m/m”

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