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Jane Leopold Quinn - My Romance:  Love With a Scorching Sensuality. I'm a multi-published author of highly sensual novels, novellas, and short stories. My debut novel, Ancient Ties, received 4-1/2 Stars and Top Pick from Romantic Times Magazine as well as a Reviewers' Choice Nomination for Best Erotic Romance of 2006. Since then, I've had more than a dozen more books released.

Creativity in romance authors isn't usually limited to writing. Other interests of mine include building and decorating doll houses and miniature room boxes, as well as designing silk flower arrangements.  I live in Chicago and do most of my writing overlooking the park and Lake Michigan.

My website is http://www.janeleopoldquinn.com

Blog:  http://janeleopoldquinn.blogspot.com  or http://exquisitequills.blogspot.com



Books By This Author

“5 Stars Home To Stay was an almost perfect book. The plot was flawless and the mystery frightening. Nickie was an incredibly strong woman. Although all sorts of bizarre things were happening to her, she stood firm and trusted Hank and his cohorts to protect her. Just before the end of the book, I figured out the stalker. The clues were all there, but Ms. Quinn hid them well. I loved Nickie, she stepped right out of the book. She was the type of woman whom I would have enjoyed as a neighbor. Hank was a typical police officer and he worked very hard to protect Nickie. Nickie and Hank had an explosive sexual affair that lead them straight into love. I reread the sexual encounters because they were so hot. There were a number of well-written secondary characters who filled in empty spots in the plot. I have never read a book by Ms. Quinn before, but I will definitely read more of her work. It's amazing!”

“For those of you who have ever had a fantasy or two of traveling back in time to find the perfect lover - your soulmate -- then you've found the perfect place, right here between the covers of this very sexy, and sensually evocative novel -- ANCIENT TIES.”

“4-1/2 Stars There are so many poignant moments in this book, but it takes a bullet and an epiphany for Mac to realize that what he feels for Woody is special and worth exploring. It was really hard not to go into more details with this review. There are so many special memories that I had a hard time not wanting to discuss them. I really, really loved this book. I admit there are very few man-love stories I’ve read that hit my heart. I always love the smokin’ M/M sex scenes and the testosterone laden banter, but rarely do I feel the love connection. In this book, I not only felt it…I believed it. Because of that, I encourage everyone to give it a try. Even if M/M isn’t your usual cup of tea, I think you’ll find yourself caught up in Mac and Woody’s story. I know I was, and I’m so thankful that I asked to review this book. One more thing I’d like to note, this book was written from both character’s points of view. I found that very interesting and entertaining. It was well worth the time I took to read it through twice and I can guarantee I’ll read it again and again.”

“5 Angels and Recommended Read I’m not sure I have words to describe this book and do it justice. Home To Stay is so engaging; it’s a deep emotional read that pulls at all of you. I confess to not being able to put it down but the lack of sleep was well worth it. I stand and applaud Ms. Quinn. Her portrayal of all characters is done in Technicolor; every word paints a picture so clear that it’s hard to remember you’re reading a book and not watching a movie. Each character speaks loud and clear, even Dog, the gorgeous mutt Hank has adopted but refuses to name. The sex is sizzling and does more than wet your palms, with each encounter getting hotter it’s a wonder my laptop didn’t have a meltdown, I know I did. The tension with the stalker is gripping and the emotional roller coaster Nickie and Hank take in their journey only adds to the tale. Home To Stay has such depth that I found myself wondering why it wasn’t getting bogged down. I can only say that Ms. Quinn has a way with words. When I finally read the last word and stared at The End I struggled to let go of all the new friends I’d been introduced to. With style and class Ms. Quinn has woven a story of great lust, great depth and an even greater love. The question remains, is this a one off or can Ms. Quinn do it again? I’m certainly looking forward to finding out. I have to say it again, GET THIS BOOK!!”

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