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Like many of my characters, I grew up in semi-rural South Georgia, gorging myself on equal parts classic literature, historical romance, and horror. Back then, it was all about Gothic. Since I've grown up, the dark stuff still has its appeal, but my tastes have changed. After reading and writing my way to three degrees including one in English, the classic literature overstayed its welcome, the historical romance gave way to contemporary, and the horror... well, it just got too darn scary.

These days, I spend most of my time dreaming up new and inspiring ways for men to fall in love on the page. Hey, it's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it! But the truth is, a story is nothing without a reader, so I really appreciate everyone who has read my stories into being. I just hope I can do right by you.

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Books By This Author

“Okay, I absolutely loved this book! It had me on a roller coaster of will he, won't he from the beginning. And there were some really funny parts that I laughed out loud, some very dark parts, and some really HOT sex scenes. (Insert heavy breathing). Corey's character was so cute and innocent in some ways, but oh so NOT INNOCENT at the same time. Like the bad boy meets the boy next door! The way she incorporated the girls into the scenes was cool, because I like to read menage books. But the main thing was the relationship between the two main characters. It didn't matter that it happened so fast, because you got inside the character's heads the whole time to understand their feelings and why it had to be that way. And Ben's torment over it is so real. I wish this author had more books out, because I would definitely like to read some more. ”

“The MM Romance category has exploded thanks to eReaders and there are so options and series it's hard to choose and never clear that you've located a good one. Well, let me save you some browsing time. This is a great book. it's full of delightfully observant prose, entertaining primary and secondary characters, and presents a realistic journey we can believe for Dr. Hardy's transition into a gay relationship for the first time. You'll swoon in the face of Corey's insecurities, thrill to Dr. Hardy's growing sexual abandon, and sigh as the two claw their way out of the closet in modern, small town America. Buy this book, but don't think you'll be putting it down at bedtime. some characters demand to be read and these two are hot, romantic, and fascinating to follow. congratulations to the author. ”

“Ben and Corey alternate pov in this absolutely adorable romance. The characters from the mc to the side characters were well-detailed and I absolutely fell in love with this world. I would read. Sequel. ”

“The sexual tension between Kage and Jamie is so thick, I still feel it like an extra layer on my skin. I seriously got light-headed several times because my brain simply fried. I'm not lying, I've never ever read a book so sexually charged! 5 STARS!!!”

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