Silence O'Shea


I’m a small-town girl, born and raised, and I’ve always been happy as a clam in my tiny corner of the world. When I need adventure, I jump in the car…or open a fresh Word document.  ;)  While I’d like to say the sexiest parts of my stories are all based on real-life experiences, I’m not quite as agile as my heroines. Still, you’ll find little bits of me in every character I write, along with pieces of people I love and loathe, and both experiences and experiences-to-be.

I absolutely love hearing from readers! Contact me via my website, like my FB page (or friend my personal profile), hit me up on Twitter…anywhere you'd like. It might take me a day or two, but I’ll always respond. You can thank my mama for such good manners.  :)

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“O'Shea manages to take a subject that could easily be cheesy and makes it hot, entertaining and dramatic...”

“O'Shea writes like the love child between Alice Clayton and Olivia Cunning. A winning combination if I've ever read one.”

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