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My passions lie in writing and reading Sexy Contemporary Romances. 
Listening to music while writing inspires me to create my characters and makes their love story come alive. My first novel, My Mr. Sexy was inspired by a very vivid dream I woke up from and then that very morning I started writing! And so began the My Mr. Romance Series.
When I'm not getting lost in my writing, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I hope you enjoy reading my novels as much as I enjoy writing them!

My Mr. Romance Series -New Adult Contemporary Office Romance

My Mr. Sexy Book 1 (Free on Amazon)
My Mr. Sexy Book 2 (Kindle Unlimited)
My Mr. Mitch Book 2.5 (Kindle Unlimited)
My Mr. London Book 3 (Kindle Unlimited)
My Mr. Right Book 4 (Kindle Unlimited)
My Mr. Price Book 5 (Release June 2015)

Close Encounters - New Adult and College Romance Series

Close Encounters Book 1 and 2 (Free on Amazon)
Close Encounters Book 2 (Kindle Unlimited)
Close Encounters Book 3 (Kindle Unlimited)
Close Encounters Book 4 (Kindle Unlimited)
Close Encounters Book 5 (Kindle Unlimited)
Close Encounters Book 6 (Release June 2015)

Love Dies Hard - Hard To Love Billionaire Romance

Love Dies Hard 1 - Book 1 (Kindle Unlimited)
Love Dies Hard 2 - Book 2 (Release May 2015)
Love Dies Hard 3 - Book 3 (Release June 2015)

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“Whew! Make sure you've got a fire extinguisher handy - this book is on fire! Modern woman Marissa must choose between super hot men, one is charming, the other, sexy as sin. Problem is, the one she really wants is in a complicated situation. He wants her; she wants him; but she's not about to wait around when Mr. Charming stares at her like a sweet treat. Is Mr. Sexy worth taking a chance? Hell yes! Can his love convince her to take that chance? I'm not telling.....”

Maggie Adams - Kindle Reviewer on My Mr. Sexy

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