Ruby Lionsdrake


Before Ruby was old enough to talk, her parents took her to the drive-in theater to see Star Wars, and she has early memories of watching Buck Rogers and Star Trek reruns with her mom. It was probably a foregone conclusion that she would become a lifelong science fiction fan. 

She started the Mandrake Company series in part as an homage to some of her favorite sci-fi television shows and in part because she was having a hard time finding the kind of science fiction novels she likes to read: space-based adventures with humor and heart (maybe some naughty bits too). If you're looking for the same, please check out the Mandrake Company books. 

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Mandrake Company publication order:

Mercenary Instinct
Trial and Temptation
The Assassin's Salvation
The Ruins of Karzelek
Mercenary Courage

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“Ruby Lionsdrake has managed to achieve what so few authors do - a cracking story with plenty of fun & adventure, with just the right level of romance to be both believable & germane to the plot.”

Kindle Reviewer on Mercenary Instinct

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