Elizabeth SaFleur


Elizabeth SaFleur is an erotic romance author and recovering public relations practitioner who writes, tweets and posts under a pseudonym since her former business clients might be shocked at her new career choice. She wrote the Elite Doms of Washington contemporary erotic romance series after a thirty-year career serving D.C. clients. Today Elizabeth shares twenty-eight, wildlife-filled acres in Virginia with her husband and dog. Elizabeth is a member of the Romance Writers Association and the Washington Romance Writers. 

Books By This Author

“Wow. Where do I start... This book, 'Lovely', was an exceptional book. It isn't just a story about sex and a dom/sub relationship. It is an erotic journey with a plot that went above and beyond what I expected. I loved the storyline. Well written. The way it played out was filled with such emotion and the growth of the characters was like a flower blossoming.”

“The story progresses steadily with romance and suspense. Once this story gained momentum I was simply unable to put it down. There were several little twists and turns, which surprised me and kept me on my toes. Elizabeth SaFleur is a new-to-me author and I am impressed with what I've read so far. I think it's difficult to write a story with a wealthy sexual dominant and not conjure ghosts of so many books before, but Elizabeth SaFleur put a delicious DC spin on the subject, and I certainly enjoyed myself. ”

“SaFleur accomplishes a very interesting tone. The fact that the book revolves around BDSM leads the tone to be something darkly erotic, yet the sense of burgeoning love and respect between the characters makes the whole thing rather sweet. ”

“Just the right mix of character development to make the steamy erotic scenes of BDSM peak, and Elizabeth writes these encounters with vivid reality. She knows what she is about, and given her extensive background in DC she adds to that a real talent for excellent writing.”

“I was really amazed with this book because it seemed like it jumped right into everything that you may have ever wanted from a romance novel. It’s not just about two people falling in love however. This book is about an entirely different world than most of us ever experience.”

“I was completely engrossed in this story from the first few sentences in the beginning of this erotica novel to the very end of this erotica novel. I could definitely feel the heat and passion between Carson and London”

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