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I've been a fan of romance novels since grade school when I used to get in trouble with my teachers for sneaking Harlequins during class. (Who could resist characters named Jason Steele and Miranda Meek for goodness sakes?) I later graduated to Rosemary Rogers (Wicked Loving Lies!) and found I really loved historicals the most. I was a print and TV journalist for a number of years before going into public relations. I had been noodling with book ideas for many years, but then read 50 Shades of Gray and got inspired to try and write a really sensuous historical, but with characters closer to my age. Teenaged virgins carry no interest to me. I like to write about women who have experienced life a bit. I set my books in England's Regency period--a fabulously romantic era when there were no cell phones or Facebook updates to distract passionate lovers. 

I am an ardent fan of weekends in the country, fine wine and the starting line-up of the Washington Nationals baseball team. In my next life, I aspire to be more like Freya, the Norse goddess of love, lust, beauty, and sorcery, who was renowned for her ability to herd cats and for whom the day Friday was named. I live in a Victorian farm house in Washington DC with my husband of more than 20 years, two nearly grown children, one charming dog and two cantankerous cats.  

I really hope you enjoy Seven Days, the first in a trilogy about the Cavanaugh women--Catherine, Penelope and Geneva. 

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“Well, now I know what everyone is talking about: The traditional Victorian setting is vividly described, the characters are multi-dimensional, the pace zips at a pleasant sprint, but the erotic scenes...yikes! You don't expect prim and proper lords and ladies of the manor to, you know, do THAT like THAT. But it is amusing, with a new sexy twist with each chapter.”

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