Loribelle Hunt


Loribelle Hunt is a beach bunny at heart, but in a pinch she'll settle for a pool. An Atlanta native, the Army relocated her to southern Alabama more years ago than she cares to remember. Since it only snows once every two decades or so, she decided to stay. She lives with her husband of twenty years, their three kids, and way too many English Springer Spaniels. She writes erotic science fiction and paranormal romance often with a Southern accent.

Books By This Author

“Super sexy shifter tale!! Loved all the hot and steamy scenes. Well written story with lots of heart.”

Top Kindle Reviewer on The Secret

“A hot and steamy novel with lots of alpha maleness to keep you engaged. A futuristic alien novel that kept me reading straight through to the end. Has action, steamy scenes, with a wonderful mix of futuristic sci-fi a great combination of some of my favorite genres. ”

Kindle Reviewer on Invasion Earth

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