Patricia D. Eddy


Patricia D. Eddy can't stop writing. Not that she's tried. Her characters won't let her. 

She fuels her writing with copious amounts of caffeine-she lives in Seattle, after all-and rewards herself with good Scotch and red wine. 

In between writing, editing, and mentoring other authors, she runs around lakes, reads late into the night, and is terribly addicted to Doctor Who and Sherlock. She has a thing for quirky British men and isn't ashamed to admit it. 

Her quirky-but-not-British husband never gives her grief for working long hours or occasionally talking to herself when she has disagreements with her characters, for which she is very thankful.

Books By This Author

“This book has it all--action, intrigue, BDSM and true romance. You'll find yourself cheering, crying and groaning with/for these destined lovers.”

Kindle Reviewer on In His Silks

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