Kat Flannery


Kat Flannery’s love of history shows in her novels. She is an avid reader of historical, suspense, paranormal, and romance.

She has her Certificate in Freelance and Business Writing. A member of many writing groups, Kat enjoys promoting other authors on her blog. She’s been published in numerous periodicals throughout her career.

Her debut novel CHASING CLOVERS has been an Amazon bestseller many times. LAKOTA HONOR and BLOOD CURSE (Branded Trilogy) are Kat’s two award-winning novels and HAZARDOUS UNIONS is Kat’s first novella. Kat is currently hard at work on her next book.


Books By This Author

“Another suspenseful, dramatic story by Flannery whose gift with words draws a vivid picture of what it's like for an independent woman who lives in a time when independence is not an admired trait.”

Kindle Reviewer on Fern

“Both Alison Bruce and Kat Flannery's styles incorporate vivid description, elevated vocabulary, and great characterization. Although the twin sisters in the two tales have their own voices, both styles of writing are similar - that is, extremely enjoyable. This book is a keeper. ”

“This timeless, classic-feeling novel is a story that will find its place, not just in your heart, but rising, rising, rising, in the world of promising contemporary fiction. ”

“In the mood for an awesome historical journey into the past of a Mail Order bride? Look no further than CHASING CLOVER by Kat Flannery. With a massive amount of historical research, a plot created out of a need for a displaced woman to find her way among an unloving husband and his little girl reminding her of her own lost Emily, this book takes your breath away in its depth of raw emotion and binding love...I couldn't stop reading it. High fives all around!”

“Flannery deftly weaves a tight plot filled with mystery, emotional detail and heart-thumping action.”

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