Excerpt - Dark Harmony

Lilly Cain

Dark Harmony

Chapter One
London - Spring, 1981

Helena laughed and then pressed closer to her dancing partner. Every curve of her body that touched his sent quivers of desire through her. Darien danced slowly, swaying his tall, muscular frame against hers, his hands caressing her back through her thin cotton blouse. She’d found out already he wouldn’t dance to the hard, fast songs, but the power ballads had him leading her to the center of the dance floor. With his long blonde hair and piercing eyes, he looked like he could be one of the singers, a heavy metal god.
‘Loving you Sunday Morning’ floated out on the speakers, encouraging the dancers to cuddle their partners closer. Couples crowded the small dance floor as The Scorpions and their persuasive guitars invited the crowd to consider sweet, slow-paced sex. God knew Helena was considering it.
The aroma of exotic spice rose from his skin. She laid her face against his chest to draw his scent deeper into her body. It had definitely been worth coming out tonight, her last night in London before she returned to her job in the United States. Appearing from the crowd he had walked toward her through the packed dancers as she had come in the door, people moving aside to let him pass. The pounding music swirled around him like fog, parting for the deep timbre of his voice. While she didn’t usually go for blondes, his height and his velvety bass voice caught her attention as no man had in some time. They’d danced for hours now, his interest never waiving.
The song drew to a close and he held her, looking down into her face. His eyes were dark, his pupils huge despite the flashing dance lights. His lips held a soft smile.
“Let’s go for a walk.” His deep voice vibrated through her, starting a resonance low in her belly.

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