Sharing Kate

Lust, Love Rediscovered

Chase Boehner


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Carter has found the love of his life. The problem is will his insecurities and her needs collide and force them apart or will he finally be able to let go and place his trust in the one woman he's waited his whole life for. Kate has a need to swing and this revelation has Carter making some tough choices! This is an ADULT EROTIC SHORT WITH GRAPHIC DEPICTIONS OF SEX. THIS IS FOR ADULTS ONLY!!!!

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“Holy Hotness!!! Chase is back and ROCKED it!! Sharing Kate is a great read, following Carter in his self discovery he meets Kate and Talia and finds himself going to a 'different' kind of party. Once there he finds the one person he has crushed over besides Kate is there and a willing participant in this party. Through all this Carter learns more about himself as well as finding the love he has always had for Kate. Sharing her was the best thing he ever did. Now just GO BUY IT!!”

Ashley - Kindle reviewer

“I shall add to the glowing reviews that Chase already has for `Sharing Kate'. Captivating from the beginning this story is intriguing, hot, lusty and heart-warming simultaneously. Chase has the ability to breathe realism into all his characters and writes authoritatively from male and female point of view, a talent that is evident in all his stories. This tale is my favourite Chase Boehner to date, although the others are also fully deserving of the five star rating, `Sharing Kate' contains lovely touches of soul-searching and self-analysis from the male lead which is genuine and will leave you with a delightful warm glow as well as the need to cool yourself down. Recommended. More please. - 5 stars”

Elizabeth - Kindle reviewer

About Chase Boehner

Chase Boehner is my pen name. I wanted something playful that represented my writing style.

I write erotica to turn you, the reader, on and to hopefully add that little something to your day that was missing. My main focus is couples erotica and series writing. I hope that my readers can connect with my characters on a more naughty level but see that they are creations of love on my part.

My stories are designed to be quick, sexy reads that can be enjoyed solo but are best when read with that special someone. When I write I picture you and your hottie of choice using my stories as that extra bit of foreplay.

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