Reluctant Hunger

Book Two - Hunger Series

Tessa Reese

Kidnapped by the head a telemarketing scam, Lexie subconsciously reaches out to Jacques for help. Although she only met him once she knows in her soul that he would come for her if only he knew she needed him.

Jacques awakens from a dream of Lexie calling out his name in desperation. As he prepares for the journey to save her he calls upon Xander and Sam for help then heads for the Louisiana bayou.

After seeing the room where she was tortured, Jacques wonders if he can heal Lexie while keeping her safely out of his own reach.  He had known the first time he met her that she might be his fated mate but also knew he was eons too old, hard and jaded for her innocent love. No matter how many times she reached for him he must deny them both for herr own good.


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About Tessa Reese

A traveler, amateur photographer and chef, she spends the small bits of time when not writing indulging her many hobbies. Throw in a bit of stained glass work and pottery added to time spent with her children, grandchildren and husband and that makes up the world of Tessa Reese.

She hopes her stories entertain all you readers while sharing some bits of her travels around the world. Please feel free to share your opinions with her as well as others you feel would enjoy her work.

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