Seductive Hunger

The Hunger Series, Book One

Tessa Reese


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Book One: The Hunger Series

Xander is living a solitary life in Maine, separated from his friend and lover Sam, when he meets college history professor Allegra. His heart calls out for Sam even as his soul claims Allegra as his fated mate.

A meeting with an old mentor in Vermont on his way to New Orleans with Allegra in tow only muddies the image of what his future may hold.

Can he have both Allegra and Sam, or must he choose between two pieces of his heart?

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“I really enjoyed reading this book. After page one I couldn't put it down. Its nice to read about something new rather then the typical vampires and fae.Grab a snack before reading , because you might not get up for awhile”


About Tessa Reese

Tessa Reese is a New England native who, in all her travels both domestic and abroad, still calls New Hampshire home.

A traveler, amateur photographer and chef, she spends the small bits of time when not writing indulging her many hobbies. Throw in a bit of stained glass work and pottery added to time spent with her children, grandchildren and husband and that makes up the world of Tessa Reese.

She hopes her stories entertain all you readers while sharing some bits of her travels around the world. Please feel free to share your opinions with her as well as others you feel would enjoy her work.
To learn more about Tessa as well as her available and upcoming books, visit www....

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