His Every Whim

Part One - Serial

Liliana Rhodes


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I couldn’t let her disappear from my life like that. I wanted more of her.

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While waitressing at an event at the prestigious Boone Art Gallery, Ashley Monroe is told one thing--stay away from the mysterious man sitting by himself. This is easier said than done for Ashley who finds herself drawn to the gorgeous stranger and spends the evening throwing caution to the wind. With her life in a shambles, how could things get worse?

When billionaire Xander Boone sees something he wants, he gets it. And when the curvy waitress he seduced the night before shows up for an interview, he has to have her in his employ and in his bed. Xander will open up his world of beautiful mansions, fast cars, and expensive clothes to Ashley, but only if she caters to his every whim.

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“Great short read!! Super alpha and very sweet and romantic..super sad ending! Broke my heart can't wait to keep reading”

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About Liliana Rhodes

Liliana Rhodes writes erotic romance with fun, engaging characters.  Blessed with an over active imagination, she is always writing and plotting her next stories. She enjoys movies, reading, and listening to music. Liliana lives on the east coast with her husband, son, two dogs who are treated better than some people, and two parrots who plan to take over the world.

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