Excerpt - Enrick

Matik Masters Series, Book Two

J.C. Wells

Chapter 1

Enrick had never been so bored in his entire life. Up until about two weeks ago, every night had been a battle for life or death. Each night, he had prowled the forest in his wolf form, eager to put a jagged bite into the neck of a Belarus wolf. For centuries, they had fought each other over land and power. But that had all come to an end when his brother Rayce assumed the role  of  Matik  Pack  Master  and  mated  the  future  Belarus  Pack  Master,  La’el.

Glancing up from his laid out position on the steps of the Matik throne, the statues of former Pack Masters that lined the walls, along with the red and gold tapestries, served as an audience to his relaxed state. The throne room was the embodiment of power; vases, pillars, and paintings paid homage to their race. Above his head, the cathedral ceiling, with a mural of angels, demons, and howling black wolves, watched in eternal silence. Enrick had opted to hang around in human form this eve, but he was currently wondering if the decision was a wise one. Behind him, his brother Rayce practically  coddled  La’el, causing Enrick to gag in disgust. Both males, the couple had come to a very close relationship in the short time, never  leaving  each  other’s  sides  for more than a few minutes. Enrick constantly had to endure the knowledge that whenever Rayce called a meeting  in  his  office  to  discuss  the  future  of  the  joined  packs,  La’el  would be

crouched down in secrecy under the  desk,  sucking  off  his  brother’s  cock  like   a well-trained sex slave. The couple was notorious for sneaking away to fuck. Rayce  had  said  La’el  needed  the  proper  training  as  he  had  never  before   shared flesh with a male. Enrick took it as they were just horny mates.

It  wasn’t  uncommon  for  wolves  in  his  pack  to  have  same-sex partners. Rayce  had  La’el,  his  father  had  been mated to a male wolf as well, and even his other two brothers Sorth and Petar chose males over females. Enrick also  preferred  the  feel  of  a  male’s  body  against  his  own  whenever  he   had the chance to let his cock free for some action. But  he  didn’t  know  what it felt like to actually fall in love with another wolf. At one hundred and sixty, Enrick had yet to feel the passionate warmth that only came when encountering love, something his father had continually preached about happening when he had met his own mate centuries ago. He had given up the idea that he ever would.

He  wasn’t  normal  and  he  knew  it,  not  like  his  brothers. Love  didn’t   come at the end of a whip or under the feel of leather pants or at the end of a chain. Love came from cherishing a mate, something he had never done. Enrick was wrong for love or for a permanent partner. Many years ago, his life had changed; his mind and heart had been closed behind steel bars as he

took on a more dominant personality in sex. He was no longer a normal wolf of the Matik pack. He was and always would be a Dom. 

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