Matik Masters Series, Book Three

J.C. Wells

Powerful, calculating, and protective, battle trainer Sorth delights in abandon of the carnal kind, with as many bodies possible hoping to fill the growing void inside of him. 

Mikkel, La’el’s childhood best friend and newest recruit of the ‘battle’ wolves only joined to aid his friend and become his protector. Without warning, his sole focus soon shifts when he finds himself between two hard bodies. 

As passion soars and promises are made, Mikkel hopes the connection to the powerful Sorth will be everlasting, but war breaks out threatening to ruin everything the Matik Masters have built. Will their bond remain unbreakable or will everyone lose everything?

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About J.C. Wells

​"If we spend one minute in your head, we will be admitted into a mental institution with all the stories you have going on up there! How does your mind work?!" - Wells Family

JC Wells grew up in southern California with two loving parents who definitely knew how to lay down the law in the house if homework wasn't finished, including 100 pages of reading...a night. Using the talents she gained from years of schooling, she has grown into a writer that spans across different genres. Recently, JC has been accepted for a Masters Program in Creative Writing at Fairfield University, where she will be expanding her talents even further. Aside from the student side of her, she is an advocate for LGBTQ rights and LOVES the paranormal...

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