Excerpt - Sorth

Matik Masters Series, Book Three

J.C. Wells

Chapter 1

Sublimity under a new moon—the perfect feeling after a long day of training the new Battle Wolves of the pack.

With each coming generation of Matik wolves, a select few were chosen to be trained as the new guardians for the Matik Masters to protect and serve in times of great need. To this great honor, they were given the name Battle Wolves. At the moment, there were twenty who were being given the exact same physical training that the Matik Masters learned themselves in their younger years. Rayce had decreed two months ago, almost two weeks after he ascended the throne as Pack Master, that more young wolves needed to undergo training to join their Battle Wolf elders. It  was  Sorth’s  job  as  brother   and adviser to his eldest brother, Rayce, to train them. Enrick, his second-oldest brother, was better at strategies and planning, causing him to pass over the training duties to Sorth. He enjoyed the adrenaline rush of training, of taking a wolf under his paw and showing him the best way to bring down an enemy. But it was the nightly relaxation after that he looked forward to the most.

On the far eastern corner of the Matik mansion was a large room that was set up just for Sorth. Nothing about this room

screamed sensual. Staggered pillars carved from his hand depicted scenes of battle and raging wolves. Black tapestries darkened the windows, and weapons of every style and size decorated the walls and shelves. In the center, a large mound of black pillows and animal pelts made up what should have been a bed. The room was nothing if not  a  masculine  testament  to  Sorth’s  powerful  nature. The only single  touch  of  beauty,  a  vase  of  flowers  brought  to  him  by  La’el  as  a   gift, sat in the very far corner of the room on a wooden desk, the petals warped and dried up from the lack of water they had received. La’el,  Rayce’s  mate,  believed  that  fresh  flowers  brought  taste  to  any   room. Because he liked the male, Sorth allowed him to put the greenery within, but he never tended to it.

Sorth was currently laid out across his pelts and pillows, his large body taking up the majority of the space. Naked, sun-kissed skin glowed under the lit lanterns that hung from the walls. He felt a need rising, pleasure blooming, ready to snake up his spine and burst through his entire body when a loud knock interrupted his relaxation. Growling, he opened his eyes and glanced toward the double doors. “What  the  fuck  do  you  want?”  he yelled, already smelling the metal and leather scent that belonged to his brother Enrick’s male.

Kai’s  nervous  voice  reached his ears through the thick wood. “Sorth? Enrick told me to come and tell you to join him in the weapons  room.”

Sorth  growled  low  as  his  brother’s  submissive  once  again  did   as he was told and interrupted him just as he was about to release all his pent-up tension. “Well,  tell  him  to  go  fuck  himself. I’m  busy.” 

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