Excerpt - Connections

New Adult Romance

Selena Kitt


Keep breathing," he murmurs, sliding down my body to settle between my legs. And still, he doesn't move his hand. His cheek rests against my thigh, his mouth close enough to my pussy to move my pubic hair, and his hand covering mine just above my mound. 

"Seth," I whisper. "Please."

He nods, looking up at me. "It's okay. Keep breathing." His hand presses and I breathe, closing my eyes as his tongue finds my center. At first there's nothing except that sense of watching myself. Then a slow, rising tickle starts as his tongue moves through my slit, easing back and forth over my clit with an easy persistence. 

"Seth," I say, my hand reaching for him, gathering his fine, soft blonde hair and grasping. His tongue moves back and forth over the sensitive bud of my clit, and the shadows deepen around me. I am floating again, this time inward instead of outward. 

My breath comes faster and harder now, reminding me to stay here, stay right here, with his mouth and his tongue and his hand on my belly. I move my hips, pulling him closer into me, wiggling toward the right spot, the best place. 

"Ahhh god, yes," I moan, and he moans too, sending a shockwave up my spine with the vibration of his tongue. His fingers slip through my wetness, making a soft, squelching sound as he slides first one, then two fingers inside of me. I gasp and buck against him.

"Don't stop," I beg, opening my legs for more, the tickle moving toward tremor. He shakes his head, no, he isn't stopping and the sensation overtakes me. I rise up to meet him like a wave and he presses his hand into my belly as I come. I breathe into it again and again and again.

He is holding me, rolling me over with him and kissing my cheek and my ear and my throat. I slip my hand down under the sheet that he's pulled up over us, smiling to find him still wearing his briefs. Maybe I'm not the only one who's shy. 

"Your turn," I whisper against his mouth, kissing my way over his chest, his belly. 

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