Better Than Chocolate

Nona Wesley


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Interracial erotic romance, 8200 words

Gourmet chef Sarah Saunders is celebrating her birthday, and husband Gary has prepared an incredible, and delicious surprise. After a slip of the lip reveals a secret fantasy, Sarah is shocked to learn Gary is willing to satisfy all of her appetites - for good food, and great sex!

(This work features interracial romance - BW/WM - and three-way sex - MFM, and a happy ending)

If you enjoy interracial erotica romance by Nona Wesley, please check out her other stories - Drawn to You, and We All Scream.

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About Nona Wesley

I am Nona Wesley, and a few years ago I published a few interracial romance short stories. Some of them sold very well, and I have received kind notes over the years from readers. It made me happy to hear from readers who enjoyed my work.

From 2008 through early 2011, I wrote stories...then stopped. There are a number of reasons why I ceased activity - personal issues, health, etc. - but I don't want to dwell on the past. I have decided to start anew and write again. My goal is to write a novel. However long it takes, I will do it!

I am thankful for the support from Phaze Books and DLP Books. I do not know where my writing journey will take me this time, but I intend to enjoy it. I hope to announce news soon...

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