Class Vamp

Silence O'Shea


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Josie Miller has big plans to waltz into her upcoming high school reunion a changed woman. Slim and svelte and hot enough to make a few bitchy ex-classmates eat their bullying hearts out. But those plans are abruptly stalled when she’s turned into a vampire—a spike-toothed nightmare scenario if there ever was one. Now those extra pounds aren’t going anywhere. Ever. Josie is doomed to spend eternity as a lonely, unhappy fat vamp.

Enter Tanner Douglas, her fang-tastically delicious one-time crush, back in town and ready to show Josie what she can do with all her curves. Who knew her sex life would improve so dramatically after death? She might not be thinner, but with a smitten Tanner boosting her confidence, she might waltz into the reunion a sexy, sultry class vamp.

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“O'Shea writes like the love child between Alice Clayton and Olivia Cunning. A winning combination if I've ever read one.”

About Silence O'Shea

I’m a small-town girl, born and raised, and I’ve always been happy as a clam in my tiny corner of the world. When I need adventure, I jump in the car…or open a fresh Word document.  ;)  While I’d like to say the sexiest parts of my stories are all based on real-life experiences, I’m not quite as agile as my heroines. Still, you’ll find little bits of me in every character I write, along with pieces of people I love and loathe, and both experiences and experiences-to-be.

I absolutely love hearing from readers! Contact me via my website, like my FB page (or friend my personal profile), hit me up on Twitter…anywhere you'd like. It might take me a day or two, but I’ll always respond. You can thank my mama for such good manners.  :)...

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