Playing with Power - Book 1: New Adult Romance

Adele Huxley


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This is a story about a smart, ambitious girl and the men who help her achieve her dreams…or dare to stand in her way.

Fresh out of college, Lauren Kemp is a country girl who moved to New York City with big dreams. She knows she must fight for the success and respect she deserves in the male-dominated tech industry but as the backbone of the fashion startup StyleSpur, Lauren feels she’s in the right spot. Work hard, ignore my creepy boss’ sexual harassment, and I’ll make it, she believes.

That is, until a chance dinner with billionaire Damon Kael throws all her plans out the window. The intense entrepreneur is able to look right through her and pinpoint exactly what she wants...success. He offers to mentor her, with the aid of a cryptic book, but does his kindness come with ulterior motives? With his guidance, Lauren may reach dizzying heights she never thought possible but at what cost?

Keeping her professional-for-now relationship with Damon a secret from her boyfriend Nick, Lauren must find a way to balance her career and love life. If she isn’t careful, she may lose everything while reaching for her dreams.

This series contains adult language, sex, mild violence, and cliffhangers! ;) This is book 1 of 5, all out now!

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“You know when a writer's done a good job with characters, because of the emotions they arouse in you when you read and Adele Huxley has written her characters perfectly.”

SherrieB - Kindle Reviewer

About Adele Huxley

Adele Huxley has packed a lot into her 30 years on Earth. She's been a cake decorator, professional barista, and hand model. She's lived in New Zealand, England, Tanzania, and all over the United States. Through it all, she has always been a writer. With a BA in Creative Writing, she couldn't think of anything else she'd rather be.

Adele may not stick to any one genre, but her books will always have dynamic characters and enthralling plots. Each story is different and unique, taking elements from romance, suspense, and her real life experiences. Her readers are hard to please, educated, and she wouldn't want it any other way!

She now lives in New York City with her husband. She loves traveling, knitting,...

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