Bride For The Bear Cowboy

Ashley Hunter


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BBW Mail Order Bride + Insanely Handsome Cowboy Bear Shifter = Sizzling Hot Western Bearilicious Romance 

After so many years of struggle and failure, she was tired of being alone. She was tired of constantly trying to impress and attract a man and tasting nothing but bitter failure. There wasn’t a price too high for someone to hold her at night and tell her everything would be okay. 

As she read her advertisement, she looked for anything that sounded too desperate or meaningless. There were a couple of typos but she caught those easily enough. A terrible sense of dread filled her as she hovered the cursor over the button to send it off. 

Once she did this, there was no going back. Was this really what she wanted to do? 

Life was miserable, and as she thought about it, a condemning sense of finality swept over her. The realization crushed any hope of finding love. This was the only option left to her. Resigned to her fate, Meredith clicked the button. 

Two hours later, she had a message. A man named Greggory Lane had purchased her. For a time, Meredith sat staring at the screen. 

*** This is a STANDALONE SHORT. This short has no cliffhangers and ends in a happily ever after *** 

Reader Note: This content contains hot sex scenes, adult language, and possible violence. If this isn't the kind of stuff you'd want to read, skip this book. But if you are in for hot romance between a sexy bear and a curvy girl, then you wouldn't want to skip this one. Only for the adult eyes! Enjoy! 


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“The story was full with the emotions of the female character as it was written to tell more from her side of view. This book portrayed hopes, sensitiveness, and acceptance of each other of the lovers.”

A. Langley - Kindle reviewer

About Ashley Hunter

Ashley Hunter loves writing paranormal romance. She particularly enjoys crafting scintillating and steamy stories featuring hunky heroes and strong women to let her readers explore the world of sizzling paranormal romance. She believes in happy endings, delighting her readers with no cliffhangers. 

Having a soft corner for all animals in general, Ashley enjoys writing shifter romance. In her free time, you will find Ashley playing with her dog, Bruno, and munching her favorite chocolate.

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