Fire Balls

Balls to the Wall Book 2

Tara Lain


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Balls to the Wall Book Two 

A passionate artist, a handsome firefighter, can the sex get any hotter? 

Artist Rodney Mansfield is small and flamboyant...and a black belt in karate. Too bad the work of art he really wants is firefighter Hunter Fallon. The gorgeous "straight gay" guy could never want the Runtback of Notre Dame, so when Rodney's handsome surfer friend develops an unexpected passion for the beautiful firefighter, Rodney does what's best for everyone and helps Jerry land his man. And if that wasn't enough to kill his chances, embarrassing Hunter by rescuing him from a firehouse bully seals the deal. 

Hunter hates gay guys like Rodney...doesn't he? Then why can't he get his mind off the powerful pipsqueak's face...and hands off his body? Isn't it time for him to admit he's not such an alpha male after all, and that he's the property of the artist?

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“Fire Balls put together two men that are at the opposite, hot firefighter Hunter and flamboyant artist Rodney. But their being at the opposite is only appearance and that is the main theme of the novel, to not let you being fooled by the looks.”

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About Tara Lain

Tara Lain never met a beautiful boy she didn't love - at least on paper. A writer of erotic romance, mostly ménage and male/male, Tara loves all her characters, but especially her handsome heroes. A lifelong writer of serious non-fiction, Tara only fell in love with EROM in 2009 and, through perseverance and lots of workshops, had the first novel she ever wrote published in 2011. In 2011, Tara was named Best Author of the Year in the popular LRC Best of 2011 Awards and her Genetic Attraction series was runner-up for Best Series of 2011. After an exotic life of travel all over the world and work in television, education and advertising, Tara settled in Southern California with her soul-mate husband and opened her own small marketing...

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