Excerpt - Undeclared

SSU Boys Book 3

Maris Black

Licking Blake

Liam kicks the door shut behind us and locks it. “I knew you still wanted me,” he growls as he sets me down just inside the room and pushes me against the wall. He takes my shirt off, leaving my chest exposed, and my nipples tighten when the air hits them.

"What makes you think I want you?" The question is a formality, since I know it’s only a matter of time before he breaks me.

Liam laughs. “You can’t give in, can you?” He bends and nuzzled his face into my neck, alternating bites with kisses until I’m a quivering mess. “That’s okay. I love that you’re stubborn. Makes winning that trophy mean even more.” He reaches around and hooks his fingers around my ass cheek like he does, squeezing hard and spreading me. Making me gasp.

My dick is straining to get out, but I don’t dare touch it. I don’t want him to know what he’s doing to me. I close my eyes and try to resist him, but we both know it’s futile. I want him more than air.

“Look at you in this frilly stuff, trying to get my attention. That’s why you wore it, isn’t it? To get me to look?” He peeks down my shorts again like he did at the bar, and just that one action makes my already rock hard dick ache with need.

He pulls me away from the wall and steps slightly away from me, his appreciative gaze scanning my body. “Turn around.”

I do as he says without question, turning my back to him. I may not be able to admit it yet, but I’ve already lost this war. Fortunately, I think this is the first time in my life that losing also means winning.

“Pull your shorts down. And the panties.” I follow the order, stepping out of them and kicking them aside. And now I’m standing with my back to him in nothing but a pair of red cowboy boots.

“Now bend over,” he says. “Yeah, that’s right. Spread your legs and grab onto your boots.”

It’s the first time I’ve ever felt true sexual vulnerability without fear. It’s also the moment I realize I trust Liam. He may have made mistakes. Hell yeah, he did make mistakes. But I trust him. I also feel way too much for him.

“Liam…” My voice is strained from being upside-down.

“Yeah, baby? What is it?”

I’m silent as I feel him come closer and put his rough hands on me, caressing me from my ass all the way down to my boots and back up again. I can’t get the words to come, and truthfully, I don’t know what they were going to be anyway. I wanted to say something.

“You don’t have to say anything right now,” Liam says, parting my cheeks. And then he puts his face right in there and licks me.

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