Seven Days

Cavanaugh Trilogy Book 1

Ariel Atwell


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When her dissolute husband dies after being shot in another woman’s bed, Catherine Corvedale, Countess of Bewleton, discovers that the family’s once formidable fortune has been utterly depleted and she stands to lose everything that matters to her, including her young son. She throws herself on the mercy of the one man who can save her--her late husband’s cousin, the Marquess of Huntley. 

Not only is James Cavanaugh enormously wealthy, but he holds the liens against the Corvedale family estates. Yet, as he believes that Catherine betrayed him years ago, he will help her...but only for a price. He will cancel her debts entirely if she will spend seven days and nights with him, willingly doing as he asks of her. 

No choice but to concede, Catherine agrees. For one week, he will be her master and own her, body and soul. Then her debts will be forgiven, and, James hopes, his needs for her expunged. At the end of the week, both will go their separate ways. But first they'll have to make it through seven sensuous days...

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“Well, now I know what everyone is talking about: The traditional Victorian setting is vividly described, the characters are multi-dimensional, the pace zips at a pleasant sprint, but the erotic scenes...yikes! You don't expect prim and proper lords and ladies of the manor to, you know, do THAT like THAT. But it is amusing, with a new sexy twist with each chapter.”

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About Ariel Atwell

I've been a fan of romance novels since grade school when I used to get in trouble with my teachers for sneaking Harlequins during class. (Who could resist characters named Jason Steele and Miranda Meek for goodness sakes?) I later graduated to Rosemary Rogers (Wicked Loving Lies!) and found I really loved historicals the most. I was a print and TV journalist for a number of years before going into public relations. I had been noodling with book ideas for many years, but then read 50 Shades of Gray and got inspired to try and write a really sensuous historical, but with characters closer to my age. Teenaged virgins carry no interest to me. I like to write about women...

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