Duke's Bride And Slave

Love And Married To The Duke Romance

Veronica Rotica


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A short story.

When Sybil marries the duke and is raised to the title of duchess, her life becomes a living dream. But her new husband’s wandering eye and flirtatious nature, leaves her feeling she may never truly please him. 

Robert, the Duke of Somerset is a man of power. He has won battles, negotiated treaties, and counseled the king. Handsome and charming he is adored by those at court, but even a man of nobility has his secrets. 

Eager to make her husband happy, Sybil seeks the advice of her lady’s maid, Emma. But what Emma reveals is too shocking to be true. 
The duke doesn’t want a bride. He wants a slave. 
Adult 18+ readers only. Minors run the risk of exposing themselves to sexually inappropriate content and should not read this book.

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“A great read, one that will definitely bring a flush to your cheeks. I highly recommend it!”

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About Veronica Rotica

"Veronica Erotica" Is Veronica's nickname she developed because of her reputation writing sexually explicit romantic short stories. She used to keep a very personal journal of her promiscuous endeavors, some of which her short stories are largely based on and decided to publish her first short story in 2013 on Amazon. It was a wild success and lead her to being a full time writer and author.

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