The Secret

Pride Law Book 1

Loribelle Hunt


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Sunny’s secret will shake the foundations of the shape-shifting world.

Werelion Carlos Rivera, werewolf Declan Roberts, and human hunter Sunny Nolan are behind enemy lines in south Florida. It’s a straightforward mission: track down both a possible rogue werewolf and Sunny’s missing twin sister, Jaz. But the straightforward mission gets complicated when both men claim Sunny, and each other. And lions and wolves can be an explosive combination.

All Sunny wants is to rescue her sister, get to know her mates better, and escape the Society unscathed to return to a simpler life. But simple is not in the cards. Sunny and Jaz share a secret that will shake the very foundations of the shape-shifting world, and neither the Society, nor Sunny’s mates, will approve...

**Previously published as "The Gift" by Loribelle Hunt**

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“Super sexy shifter tale!! Loved all the hot and steamy scenes. Well written story with lots of heart.”

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About Loribelle Hunt

Loribelle Hunt is a beach bunny at heart, but in a pinch she'll settle for a pool. An Atlanta native, the Army relocated her to southern Alabama more years ago than she cares to remember. Since it only snows once every two decades or so, she decided to stay. She lives with her husband of twenty years, their three kids, and way too many English Springer Spaniels. She writes erotic science fiction and paranormal romance often with a Southern accent.

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