Beyond My Dragon's Love

Draco Celestial Realms 2

P.T. Macias



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The dragon roars, fumes, and blazes! He's tired of the dragonettes' deceit. The restless Prince takes a leave from his duties and journeys to the Earth realm in search of his mate. 

Young, beautiful orbit engineer is forced to seduce the prince to hand over to the royal bitch, unknowingly betraying her mate. Her life takes a turn and she commits treason beyond her dragon's love. 

Paranormal bad boys are hot, wild, and full of suspense! These sexy men will seize your soul and your heart. You will LOVE these amazing paranormal hot tales 
that are packed with suspense, intrigue, and a delightful dose of sensual romance. These sexy stories will leave you breathless...wanting a 
HOT BAD BOY OF YOUR OWN! Hold him close, hold him tight, and never let him go! Leaves You Wanting More! 

Note To Reader: My books contain hot steamy sex, adult content, descriptive sex scenes, and action. The books don’t contain violence. If this is not the type of stories that you like to read, please skip this book. However, if you like dirty, sexy, hot scorching sex with growling alpha males and sexy curvy girls, then this is your cup of tea. Enjoy! The books in these series are standalone, they’re within a wider mystical world and it’s recommended that the short stories are read in order. 

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About P.T. Macias

P.T. Macias (Patricia), resides in Sacramento, California with her loving husband, children, and family. She adores her four beautiful grandchildren. She was born and raised in San Jose, California.

Patricia loves going on cruises, concerts, white peaches, pistachio ice cream, and margaritas. She’s an avid reader and enjoys reading romance paranormal intrigue suspense thrillers.

She loves writing about drama, suspense, and intrigue. She throws in a dash of love and passion. Patricia is intrigued with the different types and depths of love. Love is powerful and motivates an individual. She’s fascinated with the physiological, spiritual, and psychological process that love creates. The range and facets of love an individual...

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