Finding Clara

Jannie Lund


Eve Quinn goes missing. Twenty-seven years later Clara Christensen is found. On her quest to find out who she is and where she comes from, Clara finds a new family and an old love. Trying to combine Clara and Eve, as well as living up to everyone’s expectations of who she should be is difficult. The new family doesn’t help. But the old love does. 

Duncan Cantwell has never been able to forget the woman who stole his heart, but he never expected her to stroll back into his life as the long lost daughter of the family who gave him a home when he was a boy. 

In the most unexpected way, Clara and Duncan find each other again. They are not just lovers torn apart by circumstance, however. They are in the middle of a family struggling to come to terms with reality. Love has a hard time flourishing, but Clara and Duncan have beaten the odds before. 



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About Jannie Lund

Jannie Lund has been writing all her life, because sometimes a piece of paper and a pen are just a girl's best friends. In 2008, she took the jump into the publishing world and never looked back. Danish, English. Short stories, novels. As long as she gets to give her characters in a happy ending, she's a happy writer. 

When Jannie isn't writing--or thinking about writing, which really takes up a lot of time--she may be found enjoying nature with a camera or a pair of running shoes. Or exploring some new creative hobby with paper, yarn, or beads. 


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