Invasion Earth

Delroi Connection Book 1

Loribelle Hunt


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In the distant future, Earth was been ravaged by war and famine, and after generations of bloodshed settles into peace only to be invaded by the alien Delroi. General Alrik Torfa needs a mate and his seers promise mates for many of his people on the distant planet Earth. He doesn’t expect her to come easily, but is more than a little surprised to find her leading an enemy army. Outmanned and outgunned, there is no way the Earth forces can win. 

Sergeant Major Laney Bradford has always played her part and served her people well, but the demands of the Delroi’s surrender are a bit extreme. Marriage? To one of them? Not likely. But she’s fought for peace her entire life and when surrender talks are threatened by a conspiracy lead by her people, Laney must choose. Will she submit to the alien invader or lead the fight against him? 

Originally published in 2008. 

Delroi Reading Order 
Invasion Earth (Delroi Connection 1) 
Leaving Earth (Delroi Connection 2) 
Stolen Earth (Delroi Connection 3) 
Claiming Earth (Delroi Connection 4) 
Freedom (Delroi Prophecy 1) 
Irresistible (Delroi Prophecy 2) 
Redemption (Delroi Prophecy 3) 
Absolution (Delroi Prophecy 4) 
Galinn (Delroi Novella) 
Shadow Warrior (Delroi Warrior 1) 

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“A hot and steamy novel with lots of alpha maleness to keep you engaged. A futuristic alien novel that kept me reading straight through to the end. Has action, steamy scenes, with a wonderful mix of futuristic sci-fi a great combination of some of my favorite genres. ”

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About Loribelle Hunt

Loribelle Hunt is a beach bunny at heart, but in a pinch she'll settle for a pool. An Atlanta native, the Army relocated her to southern Alabama more years ago than she cares to remember. Since it only snows once every two decades or so, she decided to stay. She lives with her husband of twenty years, their three kids, and way too many English Springer Spaniels. She writes erotic science fiction and paranormal romance often with a Southern accent.

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