Excerpt - Eyes Wide Open

(Totally Five Star London)

Lucy Felthouse

Sexy Snippet

Shuddering at James’ closeness, the whisper of his hot breath on her skin and his words, she nodded slowly. “Okay.”

He took the garment as she shrugged it off her shoulders, and she was vaguely aware of him moving away from her as she continued to look at the items on the bed and at Logan. He’d watched the exchange between her and James with interest, and now he grinned as her slutty get-up was revealed once more.

“Can I just say how much I love that outfit?” His eyes glinted with lust, and Fiona, despite her relative inexperience, suspected she already knew what Logan had in store for her.

“You can. Thank you. I’m glad you approve.” The rebellious streak still burning within her, she grabbed the sides of the PVC skirt and pulled them out wide as she gave a mocking curtsey.

A sharp inhalation of breath from behind her told her James was back and was either surprised or shocked by her behavior.

Seemingly choosing to ignore her—or maybe he was saving his response until later—Logan replied, “So, since you’re dressed appropriately, how about you be the pupil and I’ll be the teacher? You should address me as Sir.”

Now this was something she did already know about. Submissives often called their Dominants Sir, Master or something similar. It was a mark of respect. Given that this was just a game at this stage, though, Fiona was happy to play along. It didn’t make her Logan’s submissive.

“Yes, Sir. I’m willing to learn.”

“Good. Come here, girl, and bring your friend.”

Half-turning, she reached for James’ hand, and the two of them crossed over to the bed. As she got a closer look at all the items laid out on the silken bedclothes, the pulsing that had begun between her legs back in the club grew stronger. Again, she was reminded of why the soundproofed rooms were so useful.

“Okay. I hope you’re paying attention, because we’ve got a lot to pack in, and I’ll be moving on to a more practical demonstration later in the lesson. From left to right, we have whip, crop, flogger, paddle, slipper, cane, tawse, handcuffs, blindfold, ball gag, restraints, two sizes of vibrating anal plug and a bullet vibrator. As always, in the bedside drawer, we have lubricant, condoms and antibacterial cleaning wipes.”

The last sentence, Fiona was sure, was more to reassure her of her safety without breaking out of the persona he’d adopted than to teach her anything. She appreciated it nonetheless. Nodding, she said, “Okay, Sir. So what’s next? Will you be using all of these things on me?”

As the words tumbled from her lips, she found herself hoping that the answer was no. Not all tonight, anyway. It’d be too much. She was sure of it.

Chuckling, Logan said, “No, not all of them. Some of them, yes. But all those corporal punishment devices, plus my hand, would be much too much for your delicate buttocks to take in just one evening. What I propose is a taster of a few of the gentler ones. Then for some of the more painful ones, I’ll teach you, using James here as our subject, how to use the items.”

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