Excerpt - Slade

Bounty Hunting Brothers

Charlee Holmes


When Slade had first entered their room, he was sporting a massive erection. And he began to remove her clothing, and when he couldn’t get them off fast enough, he turned her toward the bed and told her to grab the footboard…and hold on. Not knowing what to expect, she waited. Until he lifted her skirt and settled it on her back, then she heard his gun belt drop to the floor and it wasn’t long until his booted feet nudged her feet apart on the floor, until her legs were spread…wide enough for him to see her pussy. When he was satisfied, he settled one hand on her waist and the other hand on his cock, guiding it toward her wet pussy. He drove his engorged member, to the hilt, in one thrust.
Leaning over her, he kissed the back of her neck before whispering in her ear. “I’m sorry. I’m not going to be able to go slow. I want to fuck you hard. It’s all I’ve thought about all day.” She spoke to him, but he didn’t hear a word. His mind was on the beautiful woman in front of him. When she leaned into him, he pulled back and slammed into her body, almost lifting her off the floor.
The moment his lips touched the sensitive skin of her neck, she closed her eyes as goose bumps rose all along her skin. Up until this point, he had always been gentle with her, but she was ready for more. Then, after listening to his words, she knew this was another side of Slade. Groaning, she grasped the wooden footboard. “Go ahead. Fuck me hard, Slade.” When he withdrew from her body, she almost cried out, until he slammed back into her, going balls deep in another hard thrust. “Yes,” she cried out. “Harder.”
With one hand on her waist, he moved the other one to her shoulder, holding her tight while he pounded into her body. On every thrust, he pulled his cock out until the plum-size head was all that remained just inside the lips of her pussy, before slamming back into her. After slamming into a few more times, he kissed the soft skin below her ear, then whispered. “Touch yourself…I want to feel you come apart in my arms.” When she hesitated, he sucked her earlobe into his mouth and gently bit down. “Go ahead. I’ve got you. I want to see you finger your clit.”
She shook her head. “I’m not sure what to do.”
He shoved his cock so deep, he could feel the head bumping the entrance to her womb before stopping. Releasing his hold on her shoulder, he covered her hand, one that was gripping the smooth wood. “Let go. I’ll show you what you need to do.” When she relaxed her fingers, he caressed the back of her hand before guiding it down under her skirt. “Take your fingers,” he said softly, “like this.” Placing her forefinger and middle finger over her distended clit, he began a smooth, circular motion. “You can go as fast…or as slow as you want. You may need to apply more pressure, then again, you may like featherlight strokes. It’s up to you.” He continued to guide her hand until she groaned and began working the little button faster. “That’s it. Now…keep touching yourself until you come.” He began to move inside her again.
The moment he started thrusting back into her body, she let her head fall back against his shoulder and continued to finger her slick nub. She could feel her body begin to tremble. “Oh. That feels good,” she moaned. Her orgasm took her by surprise, hitting her so hard it robbed her of the ability to breathe. Closing her eyes, she gasped for breath, as her body trembled out of control.
Not sure how much longer he was going to be able to hold out, Slade felt her body began to tighten. He knew she was close to orgasm, and began thrusting faster. “Let go, sweetheart,” he whispered. Then she came apart in his arms, and her pussy clamped down so tight on his cock, he thought she was going to squeeze him in two. He grasped her around the waist with both hands and plunged deep, releasing his life giving liquid deep. When his dick stopped pulsing inside her, he eased out of her body, grimacing at the sight of her swollen pussy. “Sweetheart, I’m sorry I treated you so rough.” He let his hands fall away from her waist. “Hold still. I’ll get a wet cloth for you.” He jerked his trousers up and buttoned a few buttons before walking away.
Resting her forehead on her hand, the one still holding onto the footboard, Tori smiled. “You didn’t treat me any rougher than I wanted you to.” She moaned when he placed a cool, wet cloth against her woman parts. “It was wonderful.” close

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