The House of Blood

Wayne C. Rogers


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A new and revised 2010 edition of this popular, one-of-a-kind Femdom novel.

A Reader's Comments: House of Blood is not really a horror story like Halloween or others of that ilk. Its only horrifying to see the depth of submission the subject is forced into. What an AMAZING read! House of Blood is the BEST femdom book I have ever read. And I have read a lot of them. Larry G.

Chris Hill is living a charmed life, with a lovely wife and a successful career as a writer of horror fiction. But all that changes when the couple stumbles on a forbidding, stonewalled house on Palomino Drive. The eerie mansion draws their interest and they become obsessed with owning it.

The house was once owned by an infamous Dominatrix known as Lady Anne. During her twenty year reign, the mansion was filled with the screams and agonized wails of those being tortured for her amusement. It’s said that the ghosts of Lady Anne and her victims still cast a spell of mesmerizing evil through its halls and dungeons.

Chris thinks this will be the perfect place to write best-selling horror novels. Katherine, however, has other ideas, as the spirit of Lady Anne quickly takes hold of her already dominant personality. Soon, Chris finds himself at the mercy of his wife. She takes control of their finances, treats him like her personal slave, whips him, locks his cock in a chastity cage and takes on a lover, swearing that he’ll never have sex with her again. When the couple finally moves in, Chris’s entire life becomes an enactment of pain and suffering. He becomes a tortured prisoner of the house. Even when he tries to escape, it blocks his every attempt. And when Katherine leaves for the weekend with her lover, the house and Lady Anne seem to come to life, showing Chris what real horror is.

Is there any hope for an escape or is he doomed to suffer in The House of Blood forever? A stunning and horrific tale of Femdom erotica, not for the faint of heart. Graphic content includes strong scenes of S&M, torture, extreme bondage, whipping, chastity, humiliation, cuckolding, dungeons, slave training, strap-on sex and much more! A heart-stopping read that both Horror and Erotica fans are sure to enjoy.

For 2010, author Wayne C. Rogers has updated his 2007 novel with new material.

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“Plenty of everything in regards to a woman owning, using, and completely consuming another persons soul. Great sexual horror added to enhance and give a plot to the story.”

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About Wayne C. Rogers

Wayne C. Rogers is a Las Vegas casino employee who has been writing professionally (with the intent to sell) for thirty years. It's only been within the past six years that Mr. Rogers (no, not the famous TV host of programs for children) made the decision to work towards being a full-time writer of horror, suspense, psychological, and erotic horror fiction. 

He has written several novellas (two of which are now posted on Amazon's Kindle with more on the way), dozens of short stories (some of which are also on Amazon), an erotic/horror novel--The House of Blood--for the wild crowd that lives on the kinky side of reality, an erotic/horror anthology--Dark Whispers of the Night, and nearly a dozen feature-length and short...

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