Excerpt - First Ladylove

Leigh Ellwood

From Daring Destiny by Leigh Ellwood

Clara waited until she felt certain she couldn’t be heard before exhaling a loud, exhausted breath. Deep in the commercial kitchen, surrounded by stainless steel fixtures and high-end appliances, she set her palms on a wheeled butcher’s block and stretched her legs behind her. Damn, but she couldn’t just stand next to Desi without her pussy giving a squeeze. She wondered if the winery owner noticed. Certainly, that Ellie Garriston had. She couldn’t mistake the bemused look on the blonde’s face as her gaze panned from Clara’s face down her chest, where two hard nipples dented her blouse.

She couldn’t blame it on the cold, either, not with the fireplace warming the grand space.

Clara stood straight and turned toward the refrigerator, and removed the chocolate cake with chocolate raspberry ganache. She’d give the dinner a good half-hour before checking on them for dessert, which would be well thawed by then. All the while, she thought of the interest evident in Ellie’s smile, and her heart shuddered. The couple’s presence, not the overload of paperwork, prompted her anti-social behavior this evening. Not that she didn’t like the Garristons—she barely knew them, though she appreciated their business—but she’d heard the stories. The couple enjoyed healthy sexual appetites, and they gave all new meaning to Dareville’s reputation as the “friendliest” town in Virginia. Clara didn’t think either of them would proposition Desi into a three-way tonight; still, the idea of even their mild flirting with her set Clara on edge.

She loved Desi. Had since the day she set foot on the property, when Shannon Sullivan-McNeille introduced Clara to her wife as the new assistant vintner. Her experience working the fertile soil of the Napa Valley had proved beneficial to Dare’s Destiny following Shannon’s tragic and untimely death, and, with Clara taking charge as Desi mourned, the winery didn’t suffer but weathered the emotional turmoil well.

A little over a year later, she wished to bring Desi away from Shannon’s grave and encourage her to completely reclaim the humor and zest for life, and her work, that had attracted her so long ago. Well, that, and Desi’s expressive blue eyes and sexy curves provided enough of a lure.

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