Dark Whispers in the Night

Wayne C. Rogers


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Wayne C. Rogers, author of the erotic/horror novel, The House of Blood, which is published by Pink Flamingo, is back with a superb collection of short stories that run the gamut of kinky erotica to erotica with a supernatural horror theme, Dark Whispers of the Night and the Sharp Crack of the Whip. Revisit the infamous estate in The House of Blood with the short stories “The House on Palomino Lane” and “The Last Nightmare”. If you enjoy reading about bloodsucking vampires, there are the stories “Angelique” and “The House of Pain” where even the most horrific creatures of the night have a kinky side to their insatiable nature. For straight out submissive husbands, their dominant wives, and cuckolding to the extreme, try out “The Making of a Submissive Husband”, “Be Careful What You Wish For” and “The Essence of Love.” These short pieces of fiction, along with five others, will have you hot and begging for more. Along with the twelve short stories is a preview of the newest erotic/horror novel, Morgana, which is due in late 2015. There are also notes on each story and how they came to be written. If you dare, take the journey into Dark Whispers of the Night and the Sharp Crack of the Whip 

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About Wayne C. Rogers

Wayne C. Rogers is a Las Vegas casino employee who has been writing professionally (with the intent to sell) for thirty years. It's only been within the past six years that Mr. Rogers (no, not the famous TV host of programs for children) made the decision to work towards being a full-time writer of horror, suspense, psychological, and erotic horror fiction. 

He has written several novellas (two of which are now posted on Amazon's Kindle with more on the way), dozens of short stories (some of which are also on Amazon), an erotic/horror novel--The House of Blood--for the wild crowd that lives on the kinky side of reality, an erotic/horror anthology--Dark Whispers of the Night, and nearly a dozen feature-length and short...

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