Excerpt - Garden of Eden

Selena Kitt

He kissed her hair, her cheek, and Libby felt that heat spreading in her belly as she turned her head toward him in the dimness and his lips found hers. He was kissing her like he had kissed her mother and her hand tugged at the hair at the back of his neck.

“Libby!” he exclaimed, pushing her to arms length.

They both rode the shockwave of it, gasping in the darkness.

“Daddy?” She moved closer, past the stiffness of his arms, softening him as she pressed her silky, supple flesh against his lean length.

He let out a long sigh. “I’m sorry, honey. I can’t stop thinking about you, how you looked so much…like her…in that dress…”

“She’s gone,” Libby whispered. “I’m here, Daddy. I’m here.”

“Oh Libby,” he groaned and leaned in to kiss her again, a full, open-mouthed kiss, a hungry, eager, greedy kiss, drawing her in deeply. “Watching you dancing, seeing you in that bra and those black panties…”

His words thrilled her and Libby gasped when she felt his thigh slip between hers, fitting his body against her. She felt his erection against her hip, and knew just what it was and what it meant.

She moaned when his fingers moved over her breast. He kissed her again, pulling and tugging at her nipple as his tongue twined with hers.

“I was imagining you,” her stepfather whispered into her ear as he rolled onto her, spreading her thighs with his. “I was fucking your mother, and I was imagining how you would feel under me…wrapped around me…I wanted to make you come for me, Libby.”

“Oh Daddy,” she cried when his mouth found her breasts, sucking and licking like a man sent to devour her flesh.

“I heard you,” he murmured, flicking her nipple with his tongue, teasing it. “I heard you touching yourself that night. I felt your whole body trembling with it…”
Libby groaned, her face flushing in the darkness. “I… couldn’t help it…”

“I know,” he whispered, slipping a hand down between her legs, seeking her heat. “It’s okay. Don’t be ashamed, baby. I don’t ever want you to be ashamed.”

“No,” she whispered back, her hands in his hair as he parted her lips with his fingers. “You taught me that. The world out there doesn’t understand it. She didn’t understand it…but I do, Daddy. I do.”

She saw his eyes gleaming in the darkness, the light from a full moon casting them in a silver haze together. He was looking at her in the way that he had the other night, his fingers probing gently between her legs, his lustful eyes sweeping over her body in the dimness.

“Beautiful girl,” he murmured, moving his hips with hers. “You’re the only one I could ever hope would understand.”

“Am I?” Libby whispered, moaning when he leaned in and kissed her.
“Yes,” her stepfather whispered against her neck, kissing over her freckled shoulders, over the gentle swell of her breast, sucking a nipple again into his mouth.

“Oh, Daddy,” she cried as he suckled and nipped at her flesh and she felt the rigid length of him rubbing against her thigh.

“Fearless, beautiful, shameless,” he whispered, kissing down her belly, dipping his tongue into her navel.

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