Excerpt - Girls Only: College Days

Selena Kitt

“Second thoughts?” Whitney whispered into her friend’s ear. The room was full of frat boys, all of them drinking, many of them already drunk.

“Nope.” Meg adjusted her head gear, looking determined as someone in the corner used the mouse to wake up a desktop, revealing the crowd of guys cat-calling. Whitney realized it was what they were both seeing—each of their cameras’ view of the action.

Then the theme song to Halo started and Whitney wanted to laugh, but she didn’t because Meg looked so serious.

“Let’s make this good, Whit,” Meg whispered, getting close and snaking her arms around her neck. Meg was warm and soft in her arms. “Remember freshman year?”

Of course she remembered. They’d put on quite a show that night. Of course, they’d both been incredibly drunk. Meg hadn’t wanted to make anyone jealous that night, not exactly. She’d wanted to turn Ryan on so much he couldn’t resist her. And it had worked. They’d been dating ever since, much to Whitney’s chagrin. So it shouldn’t have been a surprise, she supposed, that the freshman year show that had caught Ryan’s attention was now being encored in order to end things between them.

Whitney had been drunk freshman year, but she wasn’t drunk now. Still, she was just as determined Meg, for the exact same reason. She didn’t want Ryan anywhere near her friend again, not if she had anything to say about it. And while her intentions might not have been exactly altruistic, she did care about Meg. Way more than Ryan ever had.

“Kiss me.” Meg pressed her lips to Whitney’s and the guys howled, sounding like they were in pain, as Whitney’s hands dropped to her friend’s waist, pulling her as close as possible. The gear they were wearing was ridiculous—some nerd’s fantasy, obviously—and in the way. Whitney would have to take it off as soon as possible. But first, she met Meg’s kiss with a passion she wondered if her friend felt.

When they parted, Whitney felt a thick throb between her thighs. The guys were still cheering. She heard someone say, “Turn the fucking feed on! Show them what they’re missing, the losers!” and knew that Ryan was seeing this. He was watching Meg and Whitney kiss on camera. And he was going to see way more than that, before the night was over.

Whitney went to her knees and the boys went from howling to silent, almost immediately, but it was all ambient noise to her. Meg smiled, looking down at her with those big green eyes, her red hair falling over her pale shoulders, and Whitney knew she could have stayed on her knees, worshipping her forever.

“A real show.” Whitney whispered, nudging her nose against Meg’s Hello Kitty panties. Meg made a little noise in her throat, shifting her weight, parting her thighs slightly, a sweet invitation. “You ready for this?”

“Hell yeah.” Meg’s eyes brightened when Whitney hooked her thumbs in her friend’s panties and started sliding them down her hips. 

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