Excerpt - Girls Only: First Time

Selena Kitt

“So spill!” Faith curled up on the other end of the sofa, her long legs folded under her. “Who’s Gus?”

“No one.” Molly shook her head vehemently, knowing her answer only made it more obvious.

“Did he ask you out?” Faith asked, leaning forward eagerly. “Is he cute?”

“No.” Molly sat, cross-legged in her jeans and t-shirt, on the couch facing Faith. “Well, he kind of asked me to go somewhere with him but I… didn’t. And yes… he’s a hottie.”

Faith squealed, sounding delighted. “So why didn’t you go out with him?”

“I don’t know.” Molly pushed her glasses up on her nose. It was the question she’d been asking herself all night. “Because… I guess… I don’t know, Faith. I’m not like you.”

“What do you mean by that?” Faith raised her fair, delicately arched eyebrows with a smirk.

“Nothing bad.” Molly flushed. “I’m just not, you know, used to flirting with guys and being…”

“A slut?” Faith’s eyebrows rose further.

“I didn’t say that!” The heat in Molly’s cheeks was unbearable.

“You know, just because a woman likes sex, that doesn’t make her a slut.” Faith leaned over and tucked Molly’s short, dark hair behind her ears. “There shouldn’t be any shame in sex, ever. For any gender.”

“Do you?” Molly licked her lips, surprised at her own daring. “Like sex, I mean?”

“Of course.” Faith laughed, throwing her arms wide and leaning back on the couch. She was drunker than usual tonight. “Sex feels good. What’s not to like?”

“It’s all…” Molly sighed, crossing her arms and sitting back on the couch. “It’s all so complicated. I mean, I like boys. I think about them. You know, kissing and touching and… things.”

“Things?” Faith snorted, leaning her elbow on the back of the couch, her chin in hand. “Have you ever even kissed a boy?”

Molly shook her head miserably, meeting the older girl’s eyes.

“Poor girl.” Faith commiserated. “It all seems complicated, but it’s really very simple.”

“No it isn’t.” Molly laughed, shaking her head, hair flying. She wished she could hide. Disappear completely. Be invisible. Faith said it wasn’t complicated, that there shouldn’t be any shame in it, but she couldn’t see how. It all felt overwhelming, impossible. The mechanics alone, of what went where, when and how, were enough to make her break out into a cold sweat.

“Want me to show you?” Faith slid closer to her on the sofa, winding a soft, slender arm around her neck. “Then when he kisses you, you’ll know what to do.”

“Show… me?” Molly’s breath stopped and so did her heart as she looked into the woman’s beautiful doe eyes. She was so pretty it was almost hard to look at her fully—like looking at the sun. Faith couldn’t possibly mean what it sounded like?

“Like this.” Faith leaned in so close Molly had to close her eyes and when she did, Faith’s lips touched hers.

It was a light, feathery kiss, a sort of asking—Okay? More? Yes? Faith’s hand moved over her shoulder, pulling her closer, and Molly gasped as their upper bodies pressed together, Faith’s full breasts mashing against her smaller, pert ones. Her gasp gave Faith an opening and she took it, tongue snaking out to lick Molly’s lips, dancing so delightfully in her mouth, she felt it all the way to her toes.

When they parted, Molly sat, mouth half-open, eyes dazed, brain full and throbbing with the experience. And that wasn’t all that was full and throbbing. The kiss had ignited a spark between her legs that licked at her thighs with heat. She was on fire—everything burned.

“Did you like it?” Faith breathed. She smelled and tasted like alcohol, something sweet and fruity.

Molly nodded slowly, unable to deny it.

“Want me to do it again?”

Molly nodded again, biting her lip. She did want her to do it again. She wanted it very much.

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