Excerpt - Girls Only: New Year's Resolution

Selena Kitt

“Like it?” Tina’s voice was husky as she met Beth’s eyes in the mirror. Beth just nodded, swallowing hard as Tina pulled her t-shirt off, so that she was completely naked except for the strap-on and mesh panties. “How about now?”

“Fuck, baby!” Beth breathed, her hand pressing between her legs over the crotch of her jeans.

“Yeah.” Tina’s hips swayed as she came forward, pressing the black cock to Beth’s lips. “I am... I’m gonna fuck you so good and hard...” Beth groaned, licking and sucking the head of the dildo, her eyes on her girlfriend’s face. Tina smiled. “Play with yourself, baby. I want to watch.”

Beth unsnapped and unzipped, wiggling her jeans and panties down her hips to her knees. Her pussy—just as smooth and soft as Tina’s; they shaved each other every other day—was soaking wet and her fingers sank easily into her flesh.

“Think this thing has batteries?” Tina mused, searching for and finding the “on” switch. The vibrating egg between her legs began to hum and she gasped, her eyes half-closing in pleasure. “Ohhh yes... batteries included... thank god!”

Beth groaned around the shaft of the dildo as Tina’s hips rocked, pressing the head of the cock deeper into her throat. Her clit was throbbing and she rubbed it in fast circles as Tina fucked her mouth.

“That feels so gooooood, baby,” Tina moaned, rolling her hips as she pressed forward. Beth knew that the vibrating egg was rubbing right against the blonde’s clit through the disposable panties, and that the harder she pressed, the better it felt. “God, I can’t wait to fuck you with this big cock...”

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