Excerpt - Little Brats: Christa

Selena Kitt

“Oh come on, Dad.” She laughed, a light, breathy sound. “Those two were practically fucking on stage. They talked dirtier than that. And you wrote about it.”
He couldn’t deny it. “It was an adult play. You really shouldn’t have come.”
“I’m an adult.”
“Barely.” He pulled into their driveway and cut the engine, feeling both relieved and let down at the same time.
“Old enough,” she countered, turning toward him in the dark. Rachel hadn’t left any lights on, inside the house or out. “How old was Crystal? Twenty? And Ben—he was, what forty-something? They were both consenting adults. Right?”
“It’s fiction, honey.” He took a deep breath, running a trembling hand through his hair. The engine ticked as it cooled, and the air in the car was already warming. “It’s a play. It wasn’t real.”
“But it could be.” Christa’s words surprised him, but what surprised him more was the way she crawled toward him, across the gearshift, practically straddling it so she could press her mouth to his ear and whisper, “What if I want it to be?”
“Uhh… no… honey…” His cock didn’t agree with him, not in the least, but he wasn’t going to have that argument, not here, not ever. Fiction was fiction. This was reality, and this was very, very wrong. Even drunk as he was, he knew that much.
He could smell her gum—juicy, fruity.
“I know you watch me.” Her words jolted him, literally, his body like a livewire. But she didn’t relent. His reaction seemed to feed her intent. “I know you have a pair of my panties in your desk.”
He groaned, shaking his head, closing his eyes, trying to deny it—but it was true. They were pink, one of the few colored panties she owned, and he’d masturbated with his face buried in the crotch more times than he could count.
“I know you think about me when you jerk off in the shower.” His stepdaughter licked her lips. He heard it more than saw it, the gentle click of her tongue moving from the roof of her mouth to trace the plump path of her bottom lip. “Do you think I come in to pee by accident? Do you think I don’t know you’re looking?” 

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