Excerpt - Little Brats: Clara

Selena Kitt

“Grove?” she prompted, watching his jaw work, his eyes distant, seeing past her. “Am I in trouble?”
“No.” He focused on her again, smiling a little. “I just want to know. I need to know. Are you really a lesbian?”
This time it was the corner of Clara’s mouth that twitched in amusement. If he only knew! “No, Grover. I’m not a lesbian.”
“You swear?”
She nodded. “I swear. I like boys. I just don’t like… those boys.”
“Well…” He smiled, plucking her hand out of her lap again, blowing on her still-wet fingers. “You’re young yet. I’m sure you’ll find a boy you like one day.”
He bent to kiss her fingertips, pressing them to his mouth, and she marveled at their softness, rubbing them slowly against his lower lip. His gaze lifted and their eyes locked and Clara felt her heart thump in her chest, her stomach dropping to her knees. My god, when he looked at her…
“I already have.” Her voice was barely above a whisper.
“Oh?” He swallowed, not moving her hand as she traced her fingertip over his lip, down his chin where stubble grew in that hypnotizing cleft.
She stood before him, not much room between them in the little bathroom, so she was directly between his knees. He looked up at her, his expression dazed, a little like he was drunk, although she knew Grover didn’t drink. Clara slowly, deliberately, began to drop her towel. His gaze followed the path of the fabric, pausing as she did before revealing her breasts. They were pretty, pink-tipped, generous but not overly so.
She heard him inhale sharply and the soft sigh of appreciation that escaped his lips encouraged her to drop the towel a little further, over the soft curve of her belly, below her belly button, pausing again at the top of her hips. His gaze was fully on her, right there, and he was so close she could feel his breath against the peach fuzz surrounding her navel.
“Clara…” His tone was a warning, but a weak one, and she knew it.
She dropped the towel entirely and stood nude before him. He’d seen her sleeping this way out in the haystack, had seen her running like a crazy person naked through the yard just twenty minutes ago, but this was different. Entirely different.
“What are you doing?” he breathed.
“Proving it to you.”
He blinked. “Proving… what?”
“That I like boys.” She smiled, running a hand through his sandy-colored hair, already bleached by the sun. “Men. More specifically… you.”

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