Excerpt - Modern Wicked Fairy Tales: Complete Collection

Selena Kitt


“I need to go home.” Alice saw the Red King flash by out of the corner of her eye. He was behind her now but not touching her. “Have you seen my driver?”
“What driver?” His voice, behind her. “What do you want your safe word to be, Alice?”
“He had white gloves on. And a hat. He was very tall,” she explained. His hand moved over her shoulder, his touch light, but his palm huge. “My safe word?”
“The white rabbit?” the king inquired. She gasped when he cupped her breast, kneading the firm flesh in his fingers. “Yes, dear, your safe word. You do know what one is, don’t you?”
“White rabbit?” Alice asked, confused, trying to ignore the tingling sensation from her nipple to her crotch as he manipulated it between thumb and finger.
“Well, it’s strange, but it will do,” the king said with a laugh. “White rabbit it is.”
“Wait—” Alice said again, but it was too late, far too late. Behind her, the king had disrobed. She felt the heat from his body and the press of his cock, thick and huge, against her hip. “What are you doing?”
“From now on, the Red Queen asks the questions.” The king reached down between her legs and cupped her mound from behind. Alice had shaved smooth for Wade and her vulva was soft as velvet in his hand. “And I do all the dirty work.”
“I like the dirty work,” he confessed, his fingers parting her lips, dipping in, testing the waters. 

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